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Summer Camps
The following purposes seek to achieve the institution's mission:

  • To create an environment that fosters understanding, appreciation and a love for God's word.
  • To create a campus community that supports students and faculty in the acquisition of knowledge.
  • To create excellent programs of study that challenge students and provide practical experience.
  • To create an understanding among faculty and students of the need for lifelong learning.
  • To create opportunities for spiritual growth and service to God.


Preschool (3-5 years old)
Any Time Of The Year Is Fun At Grace Covenant Baptist Academy Preschool

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Weekly Tuition 
Age 3


Annual Workbook and Materials Fee


Weekly Tuition  Ages 4 & 5


Finding the right preschool for your child is an awesome, sometimes daunting, responsibility.  You want to be able to leave each morning for work knowing that your child is in a safe, nurturing environment.  Grace Covenant Baptist Academy is proud to offer a weekday preschool program that is all of that and so much more.  You can work each day knowing your child is experiencing a day filled with fun and learning.

Grace Covenant Baptist Academy is staffed by preschool teachers with over 45 years of cumulative preschool teaching experience, providing a quality, child care Knoxville program.  Students are greeted each day by a safe and fun environment inviting them to explore the many learning opportunities offered through Grace Covenant Baptist Academy.  Our goal is to become an extension of your family in providing care and nurturing for your child.  Our program is monitored by the Tennessee State Department of Education.

Upon arriving each day, students are provided the opportunity to explore the many activity centers that encourage creativity and social development.  After a morning snack, students will gather for Circle Time where the teacher will guide the students in learning.  Each week offers a new theme and a new learning experience.  Grace Covenant Baptist Academy uses the A Beka Book Pre-K curriculum.  Areas of learning include language development, phonics, numbers and skill development.  The A Beka Book curriculum has proven most effective in preparing children for a smooth transition into Kindergarten.

Preschool children are provided with an opportunity for continuity by enrolling in Grace Covenant Baptist Academy Elementary/Middle School (Grades K thru 5).  GCBA Elementary School utilizes exclusively the A Beka Book curriculum in all of its classes.  A Beka Book textbooks, curriculums, and materials are based on results from reliable studies for traditional best practices (as opposed to a theoretical, experimental approach) and are validated by the measured success of thousands of students over decades of time.

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Afterschool (K thru 5th)

We Serve Ball Camp, Cedar Bluff, & Hardin Valley Elementary Schools


Enrollment Fee
$60.00 (per family)

Weekly Tuition (5 days per week)

$75.00 (per student)
We are open during Spring Break, Fall Break and Winter Break.  There are additional fees incurred on these days.  Please contact our office for additional information.

Grace Covenant Baptist Academy After School program is open Monday thru Friday until 6:00 p.m.  When school is out for Spring, Fall or Winter Break, the After School program opens each day at 7:30 a.m.

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Grace Covenant Baptist Academy is proud to serve students enrolled in our area schools in providing a quality, Christian Afterschool program. 

 Students are transported from school to our campus where they are greeted by a safe and fun environment staffed by friendly, experienced teachers.  Our goal is to become an extension of your family in providing care and nurturing for your child care Knoxville.  Our program is monitored by the Tennessee State Department of Education.

Upon arriving from school, students are provided an afternoon snack and then invited to participate in one of our many activity centers for an afternoon of fun and recreation.  Our program, although structured, is somewhat "laid back", giving students an opportunity to become involved in creative, social and recreational opportunities.

Elementary School (Grades K thru 5)

Offering Quality Christian Education At An Affordable Cost

  1. Grace Covenant Baptist Academy Elementary School was begun in 2010 to offer families in the Knox and surrounding counties with the opportunity to provide their children with a quality Christian education at an affordable cost. The beautiful 8.3-acre campus is conveniently located to Anderson, Blount, Knox and Loudon counties, easily accessable from I-40 and the Pellissippi Parkway and Cedar Bluff Road.
  2. Students are greeted each day by friendly faces and a safe and peaceful learning environment, inviting them to explore the many learning opportunities offered through Grace Covenant Baptist Academy. Our goal is to become an extension of your family, providing a holistic learning approach for all students.
  3. Grace Covenant Baptist Academy is staffed by Christian teachers who hold teaching licenses through the state of Tennessee and graduate degrees from accredited universities and colleges. Teachers become a valuable role model for students as they are with the teacher or teacher for a major portion of each day. In our Christian school, our teachers not only teach, but demonstrate a lifestyle of faith, morality and ethics.
The value of most Christian schools is a lower teacher-pupil ratio than those in public schools.  This promotes increased learning opportunities for students as he or she received more individualized instruction.  This is of tremendous asset of Christian education for students both personally and educationally.

The educational approach is founded on biblical principles that address the nature of the learner and learning, the nature of truth and authority, and what is important to learn and know.

GCBA Elementary/Middle School utilizes exclusively the A Beka Book curriculum in all of its classes.  A Beka Book textbooks, curriculum, and materials are based on results from reliable studies for traditional best practices (as opposed to a theoretical, experimental approach) and are validated by the measured success of thousands of students over decades of time.

Our Rates
Annual Enrollment Fee.......................$ 100.00 (per student)
Annual Textbooks / Materials Fee..........$ 125.00 (per student)
Annual Technology Fee.......................$ 25.00 (per student)
Annual Tuition (5 days per week)...........$ 4,500.00 (per student, Grades K-5) (10-month billing cycle, August thru May)

Grace Covenant Baptist Academy is a ministry of Grace Covenant Baptist Church and is affiliated with the State of Tennessee Department of Education and the Association of Christian Schools International.  Grace Covenant Baptist Academy Elementary School meets Monday thru Friday from 7:45 a.m. until 2:45 p.m.

Partnering With
Parents & Students

2020-2021 Tuition

Annual Enrollment Fee.......................$ 150.00 (per student)
Annual Textbooks / Materials Fee..........$ 250.00 (per student)
Annual Technology Fee.......................$ 50.00 (per student)
Annual Tuition (3 days per week)...........$ 2,500.00 (per student, Grades K-5) (10-month billing cycle, August thru May)

For more information about our Partnering With Parents & Students, please contact our office during normal business hours at 865.690.3681.

Study At Home and At School

Begin in the fall of 2019, GCBA is partnering with parents and students to provide an opportunity for students in Grades K-5 to study both at home and at school.  This provides the "best of both worlds" as students will have a unique opportunity to experience parental guidance and teaching in the educational world while having an educational opportunity to gain social skills while interacting with other students in the classroom.

Students in Grades K-5 will complete lessons plans provided by our teaching staff at home on Tuesdays and Thursdays under the supervision of a parent or guardian while meeting on campus on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for classroom instruction in core academic subjects (Language Arts, Math Science and History.  Students will meet for the weekly classroom instruction from 8:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.

Grace Covenant Baptist Academy is a member of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and is recognized by the State of Tennessee as an approved non-public school (Category IV-Church – Related School).

Curriculum Guide of Grace Covenant Baptist Academy
The following information pertains to the curriculum of Grace Covenant Baptist Academy.

For over forty years, schools and homeschooling families have trusted A Beka Book to provide materials using the traditional approach proven successful throughout education’s history. Professionally illustrated textbooks and teaching aids, hands-on activities, challenging exercises, purposeful repetition, and the reinforcement of concepts from subject to subject give you all the tools you need to make learning interesting and memorable
.The A Beka Book Bible Program presents the Bible in the narrative style in which it is written. Stories of the Old and New Testaments in the lower grades lead up to the profound truths of the Gospels, Epistles, and other portions of Scripture for older students. The curriculum is designed to be specifically and systematically taught so that students in the Bible Program will become thoroughly acquainted with the basic portions of Scriptures.
  1. Bible The foundation for all learning
    The A Beka Book Bible Program presents the Bible in the narrative style in which it is written. Stories of the Old and New Testaments in the lower grades lead up to the profound truths of the Gospels, Epistles, and other portions of Scripture for older students. The curriculum is designed to be specifically and systematically taught so that students in the Bible Program will become thoroughly acquainted with the basic portions of Scriptures.
  2. Reading The means by which each person may learn
    Because children become what they read, they need character-building reading materials from the very beginning. A Beka Book employs Phonics as the most logical, orderly way to introduce reading to children. Beautifully illustrated and imaginatively written, A Beka Book readers are the finest available anywhere. Stories are carefully selected for interest, readability, theme, and values, with questions throughout to guide students in comprehension of reading material and in application of valuable principles to their lives.
  3. Mathematics The study of logic to apply to life
    Unlike the "modern math" theorists, who believe that mathematics is a creation of man and thus arbitrary and relative, A Beka Book teaches that the laws of mathematics are a creation of God and thus absolute. Man's task is to search out and make use of the laws of the universe, both scientific and mathematical.
A realistic view of time, government, geography, and economics based on eternal truths

Ever since H. G. Wells published his Outline of History in 1920, the theme of world history texts has been man's supposed progress from savagery toward socialism, from tribal religions toward one-world government. American history is usually presented as a series of conflicts—rich vs. poor, black vs. white, North vs. South, labor vs. management, male vs. female, etc.

A Beka Book history texts reject the Marxist/Hegelian conflict theory of history in favor of a truthful portrayal of peoples, lands, religions, ideals, heroes, triumphs, and setbacks. The result is positive, uplifting history texts that give students a historical perspective and instill within them an intelligent pride for their own country and a desire to help it back to its traditional values.

We present government as ordained by God for the maintenance of law and order, not as a cure-all for humanity's problems. We present free-enterprise economics without apology and point out the dangers of Communism, socialism, and liberalism to the well-being of people across the globe. In short, A Beka Book offers a traditional, conservative approach to the study of what man has done with the time he has been given.

A Beka Book and Common Core

Common Core Alignment & Proven Success of A Beka Book

Many Christian school educators and homeschool parents are inquiring about the sweeping national education standards known as Common Core State Standards (CCSS). While CCSS have only been written for English language arts and mathematics, they have quickly been adopted by most state departments of education, and future standardized testing appears to be aligning with them. Meanwhile, there is much controversy over the imposition of national standards, the loss of local control over education, and undesirable philosophical implications.

Because A Beka Book has historically met or exceeded recommended content standards, it is not surprising that when compared to current CCSS, the A Beka Book language arts and mathematics objectives were found to already meet almost all Common Core content standards.

However, a few differences were found. For example, in English language arts, A Beka Book fulfills or exceeds many of the standards at an earlier grade level than outlined in CCSS. Further, in mathematics, A Beka Book has chosen a different sequence of topical representation because it is more logical in presentation than what Common Core proposes.
The finest educational resources for Christian schools and homeschool families
Standards in education are often very useful when they inform content in an effort to ensure that subject matter is age appropriate, sequentially meaningful, and academically rigorous. Unfortunately, some of Common Core goes beyond content and moves into the realm of teaching methodology. Since many of these techniques do not align with our traditional Christian approach, we have purposefully chosen not to add them, but rather to leave it up to the school or individual to make decisions for implementation in keeping with their philosophy and principles of teaching and learning.
The academic integrity of A Beka Book has been validated by the success of hundreds of thousands of students over decades. Historically, students instructed under our curriculum consistently score above national averages on standardized tests and on college entrance tests. Our skilled researchers and writers do not paraphrase progressive education textbooks; they do primary research in every subject and look at the subject from the traditional Christian point of view.

While it is healthy to be informed by educational trends and performance data, it is not the practice of A Beka Book to adjust or change its curriculum to align with each new reform that is presented in academia. We will continue our commitment to seek content and best practices that provide students with the tools they need for both academic and personal success. 
Knoxville Summer Camps
(Field Trips Listed Below Are Currently Tentative Pending Final Agreements of Vendors)
  1. June 1-5 On the Fast Track
    We are out of the gate and onto the fast track on Tuesday, June 5, as we head to Kids Country where we’ll find The Rio Grande train, The Carousel, The Red Baron, The Plane Ride, The Spin Tops, The Swings, The Ferris Wheel, Noah’s Lark, Kiddie Karts, Rookie Karts, mini-golf and so much more. With the most rides in town, the fun never ends for our friends in Kids Country. Everyone will most certainly return home this day ready for a rest. (Kids Country, Pigeon Forge, TN)
  2. June 8-12: We’re Going Green
    No, not for the environment this time. It’s time to hit the greens as we play a game of Putt-Putt® Golf then chill for some fun in the arcade. Who will get a hole-in-one this time? Who will win a prize in the arcade? Putt-Putt® Golf and Games, offering three 18-hole Putt-Putt® Golf courses, is the perfect place for an afternoon of friendly fun and laughter. (Putt-Putt® Golf and Games, Farragut, TN)
  3. June 15-19: “It’s Full Steam Ahead”
    As students board the Three Rivers Rambler (3RR), a tourist train operation located in the heart of Knoxville. The 2-hour, 11-mile train ride will take students from downtown Knoxville to the start of the Tennessee River, powered by a historical steam engine. After the ride, we will enjoy lunch outdoors in one of Knoxville’s beautiful parks. All aboard! (Three Rivers Rambler, Knoxville, TN)
  4. June 22-26: You Wanna Get the Scoop?
    Well then, you’ll have to join us for a trip to Mayfield’s Dairy where you’ll learn how your favorite Mayfield’s dairy products are made. Enjoy a short film in their theatre to see where it all began for Mayfield. Learn how the milk makes it from the dairy to the fridge and get the inside scoop on how they make that delicious Mayfield Ice Creamier. Plus, see first-hand how their famous yellow jugs are made. You can even try your hand at “milking” a life-sized replica of a Jersey cow. The best part - it ends with a delicious scoop of your favorite Mayfield’s Ice Cream! (Mayfield’s Dairy, Athens, TN)
  5. June 29-July 3: “It’s Raining Cats and Dogs”
    This may be and old sayin’, and it may not be rainin’ “cats and dogs” at the RainForest Adventures Discovery Zoo, but you’ll have a chance to see over 600 live animals representing over 130 species during our visit on Tuesday, June 30. The RainForest Adventures Discovery Zoo is home to unique and beautiful creatures from the Rain Forests of the world. (RainForest Adventures Discovery Zoo, Pigeon Forge, TN) OUR 2020 SUMMER CAMP WILL BE CLOSED ON FRIDAY, JULY 3RD IN OBSERVANCE OF INDEPENDENCE DAY!
  6. July 6-10: Awesome Athletes
    "Take me out to the ball game . . . ." And we will! America's favorite summer pastime is shared this week with our summer campers as we embark on a field trip to the Tennessee Smokies baseball game. We'll be having a ball in the shade rooting for the home team at high noon on Tuesday, July 10. Which will you buy? Peanuts or Cracker Jacks? STUDENTS MUST RING $20 FOR THEIR LUNCH AND A SNACK. (Smokies Park, Sevierville, TN)
  7. July 13-17: Right Down Your Alley
    Because this is such a popular field trip, we are making a second trip to Strike and Spare Family Bowl this summer. Again, fun awaits us as we divide into teams to compete in some friendly bowling competition. Who’ll get a strike? Will somebody bowl a perfect game? Or, who’ll end up in the gutter? We’ll see on Tuesday, July 7. This is a day that will be “right down your alley!” Students must wear/bring socks on this day (Strike and Spare Family Bowl, Knoxville, TN).
  8. July 20-24: Hoops Are the Name of the Game
    As we travel to the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame on Tuesday, July 14. This trip will include a pizza party that includes time in the private “Urban Playground”, a basketball skills program that will teach campers how to shoot, dribble and pass like the pros, a museum tour, scavenger hunt, and games and free play on the basketball court. (Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame, Knoxville, TN)
  9. July 27-31: Ups and Downs
    We all know life has its ups and downs and our 2020 Summer Camp is no exception. We conclude our summer fun this week with a trip to Pump It Up on Tuesday, July 24, for an afternoon of high energy. This trip will find an indoor play area that will fill our afternoon with fun, energy and excitement. What a way to end the summer fun! (Pump It Up, Knoxville, TN)
  10. August 3-7: Wipe Out: Imagination Run Wild
    Whether you delve into the Inversion Tunnel, the Far Out Illusion Gallery, or Space Zone, your imagination will run wild! Summer campers will learn how it all began as a Top Secret facility on a remote island, in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle. Fun awaits our students at WonderWorks, Pigeon Forge’s #1 indoor interactive attraction on Tuesday, August 4, with more than 120 interactive, hands-on exhibits, and featuring a brand new “Space Walk Challenge” that glows in the dark! (WonderWorks, Pigeon, Forge TN)

Enrollment Fee


Activities & Admissions Fee


Weekly Tuition 


2020 Summer Camp
A Ministry of Grace Covenant Baptist Church and Academy
Grades K thru 5

June 1 - August 6, 2020

"Join us for our 2020 Summer Camp! It's always so much fun and there are so many things to do! Don't miss a fun-filled summer!"

Call today to reserve your spot in our summer camp as spaces fill quickly!

Grace Covenant Baptist Academy will be closed from May 22-31, 2020.

2020 Summer Day Camp Rates

Enrollment Fee: $50.00 per child care Knoxville (must be paid at the time of enrollment)

Activities/Admissions Fee: $50.00 per child (must be paid by May 15, 2020)
(includes 2018 summer camp T-shirt, all field trip admissions, swimming twice per week,
a weekly visit to the movies, all on-site activities, and transportation)

Weekly Tuition: $135.00 per child (requires a 10-week summer camp commitment)
(Families enrolled in the 2020 Summer Camp program will be responsible for paying for all 10 weeks
of summer camp, regardless of whether or not the child is present.  No refunds for weeks missed.)

If you're looking for summer camps run by a Christian school in Knoxville, you're in the right place. Kids from Baptist churches in Knoxville and churches of other denominations love our summer camps for their great activities, safety, and wonderful experiences.