About our Church in Knoxville, TN
We Believe God. 
We believe in the Triunity of God, eternally existing as God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit (John 3:16, 17). Though each person of the Godhead possesses the same nature, each has different functions in respect to how God deals with mankind (Deuteronomy 6:4).
​Grace Covenant Baptist Church was founded in January 1993 with the vision of establishing a Bible-believing church and Christian school that would provide an affordable Christian education for interested families. Rev. Dr. Alan Smith was called to serve as Administrative Pastor and has continued to serve since the church’s inception. His wife, Deborah, Director of the weekday early childhood education programs, oversees our Pre-K program (ages 3 thru 5), After School program (grades K thru 5) serving Ball Camp, Cedar Bluff and Hardin Valley Schools, and Grace Covenant Baptist Academy, serving students in grades K thru 6.  They have three grown children and three grandchildren. Both Dr. and Mrs. Smith grew up in the Knoxville area where they attended West High School. Both are children of Southern Baptist ministers. Dr. Smith is the son of the late Rev. Taylor Smith and Deborah is the daughter of the late Rev. James R. Stroud.

Grace Covenant Baptist Church is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention located in Augusta, Georgia. Since its beginning in 1945, the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) has grown to a membership of over 16 million members that worship weekly in more than 45,000 Southern Baptist churches across the United States. We are proud to be a Southern Baptist Convention affiliate church because of its vision of missions across the United States and around the world. The SBC supports approximately 5,000 missionaries across the United States and its territories, including Canada and the Caribbean. In addition to these mission endeavors, the Southern Baptist Convention has over 5,000 missionaries serving in 153 nations around the world.

People from various church backgrounds attend Grace Covenant Baptist Church, a conservative Bible-believing Baptist church in Knoxville, TN. Therefore, the church seeks to present the teachings of the Bible in our small groups and Christian school in Knoxville TN in a manner that all who attend may understand the important truths of the Bible, and through that understanding, apply those truths in a practical application for daily living.

At Grace Covenant Baptist Church, you will find the Sunday worship services somewhat informal, yet orderly and reverent. Our focus in worship is not upon religion, but rather upon one’s personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Therefore, when the church gathers in celebrative worship, those attending enter into worship recognizing the presence of God, bringing to Him their offerings of praise, desiring to know Him more deeply and intimately, quietly listening to His voice through the message from God’s Word, and then departing with a spirit of encouragement and determination to victoriously live out that personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

A ministry of Grace Covenant Baptist Church is Grace Covenant Baptist Academy. The mission of Grace Covenant Baptist Academy is to partner with families in providing a superior, Christian education consistent with Biblical principles, within a secure, loving environment, recognizing God as the source of all life and truth, and leading students to discover their individual gifts for spiritual, social, emotional and intellectual development, thereby equipping students for the pursuit of excellence and integrity under the Lordship of Christ. Grace Covenant Baptist Academy provides a quality education through state-licensed teachers at an affordable cost for your family.
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  1. Student Ministries
    Student Ministries
    Middle and high school students are being surrounded today by unbelievable challenges - broken families, drug and alcohol abuse, sexual promiscuity, bullying and suicide only to name a few. However, Grace Covenant Baptist Church knows that any challenge faced by today's teen can be overcome by the truth of God's Word and the power of the risen Christ. That is why our weekday Bible studies and Christian school in Knoxville, TN seek to offer numerous opportunities that will aid students in living out their full potential for Jesus Christ. The goal of Grace Covenant Baptist Church Student Ministry is to reach, restore, and make ready middle and high school students to release them as an educated and dedicated follower of Jesus Christ, ready to fulfill their God-ordained purpose in life.
  2. Adult Ministries
    Adult Ministries
    Grace Covenant Baptist Church seeks to minister to adults at all stages in their lives. Included in our ever-expanding ministries to adults, we provide Bible Study groups during the Sunday morning Bible study hour and on Wednesday evenings. We also have a variety of adult groups that provide various opportunities for fellowship and support. New groups are constantly being planned to meet the various interests and needs of our adults. Some of our present adult ministries are our Singles Ministry, Men's Fellowship, Prayer Ministry, Women's Ministry and Senior Adult Ministry. Additional information is available from the church office concerning any or all of our adult ministries.
  3. Music Ministry
    Music Ministry
    Grace Covenant Baptist Church offers a blend of contemporary and traditional styles of music in appealing to people with different musical tastes. In addition to the hymns of old, the services offer the energy of today's contemporary Christian music, including musical selections from soloists, duets, trios, quartets and ensembles. The church band is a vital part of our church worship. We have various musical instruments that add to our worship services. On special occasions, vocal and instrumental music is performed by worshipers of all ages. Special musical and drama productions are presented during the holiday seasons to further emphasize the message of the season.
What We Believe
  1. The Bible. We believe the Bible to be the inspired, infallible and inerrant Word of God (2 Timothy 3:16, 17; 2 Peter 1:20, 21). We approach the teachings of Scripture using the literal or historical-grammatical method, following the rules of grammar, history, literature and culture, believing that the words recorded in the Bible are an accurate accounting of the writer’s meaning and intent.
    The Bible
  2. Man. We believe that mankind was created by God without sin, created in God’s likeness out of His desire for fellowship with man (Genesis 1:26, 27). Although having been created in a perfect environment, we believe that sin entered into the world through Adam, and through him sin was brought upon all mankind resulting in both physical and spiritual death (Romans 5:12-21). As a result of Adam's sin, man is a sinner, both by nature and by choice, and is eternally separated from God apart from salvation through Jesus Christ (Ephesians 2:1-8).
  3. Salvation. We believe that salvation is a gift of God and can only be received through one’s personal faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Salvation cannot be earned through any means of human achievement, works or ceremony (Ephesians 2:8-10). We believe that nothing can separate any believer from Jesus Christ and that true believers will demonstrate in daily living a life that has truly been transformed by the power of Christ (John 10:27-30; Romans 8:33-39).
  4. Ordinances. We believe the two ordinances of the church are believer’s baptism (by immersion), which is an outward expression of an inward faith (Matthew 28:19); and the Lord’s Supper or Holy Communion, a memorial of the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ upon the cross, of which Christians are encouraged to practice until Christ returns (1 Corinthians 11:23-26).
  5. The Church. We believe the Church of Jesus Christ is an organism, not an organization, comprised of those who have professed a personal faith in Jesus Christ as both Savior and Lord (Acts 2:47). History reveals that the Church began on the day of Pentecost and has continued throughout the ages as persons are brought into the Church by the work of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:1-4, 41-47; 1 Corinthians 12:13). We believe the local church is a gathering of persons who have professed faith in Jesus Christ, who gather for the purpose of worship, Bible study, Christian fellowship, and preparation for Christian service (Acts 2:41-47). We believe the local church has the privilege, under the authority of Christ, to govern its own affairs. We believe that it is God’s intention for all believers to participate and serve through the local church.
    The Church
  6. The Lord's Day. We believe the Bible teaches that the first day of the week is the Lord’s Day (Acts 20:7, 8). It is a day to be regularly observed (Exodus 20:8-11; Hebrews 10:23). It is a day set aside to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ through worship and spiritual devotion, and should be a day of resting from labor, except those works of necessity and mercy.
    The Lord's Day.
  7. Future Things. We believe in the future, bodily return of the Jesus Christ wherein He will reign over the earth and will establish righteousness and peace (Isaiah 9:6, 7; 11:2-5; Matthew 24:30; Acts 1:11). We believe that the church will be raptured before a tribulation period and that Christ will reign for a literal 1,000 years until, after the Great White Throne Judgment, a new heaven and new earth will be brought into existence (Matthew 24:30, 31; 25:31, 32; 1 Corinthians 15:51, 52; 1 Thessalonians 4:16, 17; Revelation 21:1).
    Future Things


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