1. Q
    What ages or grades do your programs include?
    The weekday preschool program is for children, ages 3 thru 5. The Elementary School is for students who are enrolled in Kindergarten thru Grade 5. The After School program is for students enrolled in Grades K thru 5.
  2. Q
    Are there any weeks where you do not pay?
    Yes. You do not pay for Memorial Day week or Christmas week. For all other weeks of the calendar year, payment is required. However, parents are required to pay for the remaining 50 weeks of the year.
  3. Q
    What curriculum is used in the weekday program?
    The ABeka Book curriculum is used in both the Pre-K and Elementary School programs. The ABeka Book curriculum maintains a strong emphasis on reading and math which we believe are foundational in a student's education.
  4. Q
    Is After School open when schools are closed?
    The After School program is open during Spring Break and Fall Break weeks. It is also open when school is closed due to inclement weather if school is closed for an extended period. After School is NOT open on in-service days.
  5. Q
    With whom is the Elementary School affiliated?
    The Elementary School is affiliated with the Tennessee Department of Education and the Association of Christian Schools International.
  6. Q
    Do you have a Summer Camp program?
    Yes. We have an exciting Summer Camp program each year. The program includes weekly field trips, swimming, a movie, eating out and much more! The program is for offered while students are out of school during summer vacation.
  7. Q
    Is payment required if a child is absent?
    Yes. When you enroll your child a space is reserved in the classroom for your child. Therefore, you are paying for a space - not certain days or weeks. Expenses continue whether your child is present or not.
  8. Q
    Is there a notice required for withdrawal?
    Yes. A two-week notice is required when withdrawing from the program. If notice is not received, you are still required to pay for the remaining two weeks in which the notice would have been given.